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French Miss: Dassault ducks India Defexpo

What should be one’s first order of business after achieving L1 status in India‘s Medium Multirole Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) competition? Miss a major defence trade show in New Delhi, of course. After all, it is only the fighter deal of the century. Following the MMRCA short listing last April, which saw the Gripen, F/A-18 E/F, […]

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Airbus ACJ380 - Bedroom.jpg

ACJ380: not quite a party palace

In 2006, around the time the Airbus A380 was preparing toenter service, a friend and I speculated about how we  would furnish an A380 private jet if, bychance, one us received a staggering windfall. Guests would enter a large hall on the first deck where theywould be entertained by bands such as U2 and The […]

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SGA2012: So many aircraft, so little time.

Flightglobal’s plans for the Singapore Airshow 2012 arewell afoot. Looks like it’s going to be a super busy week on the defenceside. There will be two of us coveringit, myself (@asiajetwatch) and my colleague @sivag. Unfortunately, as is always the case at air shows, a lot ofthe briefings clash with each other and with individual […]

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Singapore Air Show revs up

Spotted some Singapore Air Show posters at Changi AirportMRT station. Quite like the clever ‘Top Fun’ movie theme they’ve adopted forthe show, although those two Leopard II tanks look as if they are about to rundown that family. Also checked the Air Show web site and so far there is noindication that the two F-22s […]

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India glider 1.jpg

IAF gung ho on gliders

I came across an intriguing request for proposals from the IndianAir Force for ‘two basic powered hang gliders with accessories.’ An image of commando-typegliders equipped with rockets and guns popped into my head, but after someinvestigation it appears the gliders are for recreational use. Under the ‘Adventure’ category on its web site the IAF offerspersonnel the […]

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VIDEO: Finnair Celebrating India’s Republic Day

Those crazy creative guys at Finnair did it again, this time dancing to a Hindi song on a flight to New Delhi to celebrate India’s Republic Day, which is today. I wonder how long they took to practice the moves, which are not too bad at all.

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VIDEO: GP-powered F-22 in action…

After reading my last blog entry the folks at GP Batteries droppedme an email and suggested I ad their Youtube link. Here it is… Love how the pilots call a ‘mayday’ when running out of fuel.I guess they also realized that their aircraft are not equipped for hose anddrogue refuelling. 

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GP battery bus ad.jpg.jpg

Rechargable, green powerplant option for F-22?

Hong Kong battery maker GP Batteriesis advertising a novel powerplant option for what appears to be the LockheedMartin F-22A Raptor. The ads for the new powerplant, essentially a mega-sized AA battery, are increasingly showing up on Singapore‘sdouble decker buses. To investigate the new powerplant I called the GP Batteries office in Singapore. “Why did you select […]

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F111s buried.jpg

RAAF F-111s go six feet under

Old aircraft tend to have ignominious ends.  Numerous F-4 Phantoms, F-102s, and even earlymake F-16s have received the fatal ‘QF’ target drone designation, which generally portends swift destruction by missiles. With the end of the Cold War, the wingsand fuselages of dozens of old B-52s were guillotined by a steal beam droppedby a crane, making […]

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NZ MiG-21 2.jpg

MiG-21 touches down on Auckland roof

Came across a great story on the Auckland Now web site of a New Zealandbusinessman who has mounted a Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 on the roof of hisoffice building. The report says Manfred Bennet plans to put fabric around the aircraft’stail and then blow it with a fan to give the impression the aircraft is flying. […]

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