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PICTURES: ARJ21 Crosswind testing in western China

COMAC has posted an update of ARJ21 crosswind testing takingplace in western China. Apparently all is going well, with an ARJ21-700(aircraft 102) conducting tests at Jiayuguan airport in Gansu province.  

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Flightglobal team tests Seletar’s Dauphin simulator

The Singapore Flightglobal team finally had the opportunityto check out the new full motion Eurocopter Dauphin simulator at SeletarAerospace Park yesterday. The simulator is the first AS365 N3/N3+  simulator in the Asia Pacific. I visited the simulator during the Singapore Airshow but atthat time the full motion capability was deactivated. Yesterday it wasdefinitely on. Among […]

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It’s not Kung Fu Panda but kung fu-armed cabin crews

It’s not Kung Fu Panda but for Hong Kong Airlines cabin crews, they learn wing chun, a form of kung fu that is characterised by short, sharp movements to deal with air rage. The airline’s deputy general manager for corporate communications, Eva Chan, said to South China Morning Post that all staff has been invited […]

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Photos: AirAsia A320 off runway at Kuching

These photos were sent to me, reportedly first posted in a Malaysian aviation forum. If you’re the photographer let me know.The photos show the seriousness of the incident, first reported as a minor sliding off the runway. The incident has largely been downplayed in the press by AirAsia’s and Tony Fernandes’s open comments, especially in […]

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Jetbridge Collapses in Taipei

Our premium new service ATI reports that a jetbridge collapsed at Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport on 28 June: The collapsed aerobridge was one of two aerobridges at boarding gate D6 at the airport’s terminal two, Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) says. Preliminary investigations indicate that the bridge’s column and wheel frame had separated, resulting in […]

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