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VIDEO: GP-powered F-22 in action…

After reading my last blog entry the folks at GP Batteries droppedme an email and suggested I ad their Youtube link. Here it is… Love how the pilots call a ‘mayday’ when running out of fuel.I guess they also realized that their aircraft are not equipped for hose anddrogue refuelling. 

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Rechargable, green powerplant option for F-22?

Hong Kong battery maker GP Batteriesis advertising a novel powerplant option for what appears to be the LockheedMartin F-22A Raptor. The ads for the new powerplant, essentially a mega-sized AA battery, are increasingly showing up on Singapore‘sdouble decker buses. To investigate the new powerplant I called the GP Batteries office in Singapore. “Why did you select […]

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Now open! The J-20′s weapons bay doors

This week’s batch of Chengdu J-20 photos apparently show theaircraft with its weapons bay doors open. Something has been bothering me about the J-20, and finallyI realize what it is. The aircraft’s landing gear and weapons bay doors allhave long, straight edges.  I don’t claimto be an expert on stealth technology, but aircraft covers with angled […]

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F-22 at Aero India? Be dubious – very dubious.

The net is abuzz with a story that the F-22 Raptor may appear at the Aero India show in early February. I ran a quick check on Google news and it seems that only one publication, citing anonymous sources, is saying the F-22 will be there. Not one F-22, but two, both on static display.Yeah, […]

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Japan’s new ATD-X technology demonstrator plays important strategic role

  I found this Japanese television feature package that gives a good overview of the country’s ATD-X programme, which aims to produce a technology demonstrator of a fifth generation stealth fighter. Last week, I was in Tokyo and met with Japanese ministry of defence officials who are involved in the ATD-X programme. I asked them […]

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VIDEO: Wreckage of Airnorth EMB-120 that crashed yesterday

An Embraer EMB-120 turboprop came down in Darwin yesterday just after take-off from the Northern Australian city’s main airport during a routine training exercise.According to local news report, the aircraft was seen banking sharply before crashing into trees and bushland near a golf course on the Royal Australian Air Force near Darwin Airport.From the reports […]

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Japan nears the end of its F-22 courtship

Like a lover who embarked on an unfulfilled courtship, Japan nears the end of its F-22 dreamLockheed Martin’s chief financial officer Bruce Tanner, when asked by analysts about the prospects for overseas sales, was pessimistic. “I’m not particularly positive on the ability for us to make [an F-22 export deal] happen in the next few […]

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Japan’s F-22 dream a $12.5 billion nightmare?

What price a dream? For Japan, it may be $12.5 billion for the fighter that it most covets.It appears than an export model of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor for Japan could cost $250 million apiece. Reuters reports that the price was revealed in a letter that US Senator Daniel Inouye, who heads the Senate […]

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Reviving Japan’s F-22 Raptor hopes?

Washington is tantalisingly holding out the Raptor lollipop to Japan once again, but Tokyo is unlikely to get a lick. According to news reports, the US Senate is exploring the viability of creating an export variant of the Lockheed Martin F-22 stealth fighter (above, arriving in Japan for an exercise).This comes after US Defense Secretary […]

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Look, but don’t touch: Japan’s predicament with the F-22

There is a classic scene in The Devil’s Advocate where Al Pacino, who plays the devil, talks to Keanu Reeves about God teasing humans. And he utters this memorable line: “Look, but don’t touch. Touch, but don’t taste. Taste, don’t swallow.”That must be how the Japanese are feeling after the US Air Force deployed the […]

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