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Some Asian airlines are probably relieved at 787 delays

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. The latest delay in the Boeing 787 programme is disappointing news, but Asian airlines are likely to have mixed emotions.Have some pity for launch customer All Nippon Airways – it is going through what Singapore Airlines did with the Airbus A380. Just last week, there was a celebration […]

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PARIS 2009: Boeing eyes Indian military contracts

India is becoming an increasingly important market for Boeing, with many of the company’s military products corresponding to the country’s ongoing requirements.Jim Albaugh, president of Boeing IDS, said in Paris that the company is looking at strategies to win the highly lucrative Indian contracts that could be worth in excess of $20 billion in the […]

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Once mighty Cathay Pacific now in trouble

Cathay Pacific’s move to delay delivery of all the aircraft types it has on order does not augur well for aircraft-makers Airbus and Boeing. The Oneworld carrier until recently was one of the world’s most profitable carriers but the sharp downturn in passenger traffic and its fuel hedging losses have pushed it well and truly […]

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Indian summer

If there is a global credit crunch, someone forgot to tell India’s defence ministry. Other countries may be tightening their belts due to the ongoing global economic slowdown, but New Delhi continues with its procurements and tenders. And that is good news for the defence contractors.Washington appears to be the prime beneficiary for now, with […]

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Japan should forget about the Raptor

Waiting for nothing

Japan has finally confirmed what everyone figured would happen anyway – it has delayed its F-X competition in order to continue lobbying the USA for information on the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. It is silly, though. The Japan Air Self Defense Force’s capability will keep dropping, and there is no guarantee that Washington would allow […]

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I get by with a little help from my friends…

The pieces are finally falling in place for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet. Its manufacturer Mitsubishi Aircraft has been lining up the design and manufacturing know-how over the last year, but what it sorely lacked was the marketing and after-sales expertise in the passenger jet business.That should now come with Boeing’s involvement in the programme as […]

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