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VIDEO: Skipper of China’s first carrier speaks

It’s been a big few weeks for China, with the emergence ofa new fighter (J-21? J-31? F-60?) and this week’s christening of the Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier.It’s a good sign they didn’t name it Shi Lang after the historic admiral whoinvaded Taiwan in 1683. Of course, they could always call their next (andcertainly more […]

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China Aircraft carrier

China’s aircraft carrier: the Death Star of the Spratlys

China‘s newaircraft carrier is again in the news, with sea trials apparently due nextweek, perhaps to coincide with the 90th anniversary of China‘scommunist party.  There are any number ofskeptics about the ship. A recent post by the Lexington Institute suggests thecarrier is an immense mistake. A “highly vulnerable extravagance” is how theauthor puts it.  In […]

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Photo: Shenyang J-15, China’s carrier fighter

Trolling through the China Military Aviation site thismorning I came across a recent photo of the the Shenyang J-15. The aircraft is acopy of the old Soviet Su-33  destinedfor use on China’s aircraft carrier – formerly Russia’s Varyag, apparentlyre-named the Shi Lang (after a 17th century admiral who conqueredTaiwan). As with the Su-33, the Chinese […]

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