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China Eastern’s gravity defying passenger numbers

  China Eastern’s monthly increases in passenger traffic seem extraordinary considering most other carriers around the world are still experiencing falls in monthly traffic. The Shanghai-based carrier has just posted an 18% rise in RPKs in July. It is all thanks to China’s strong domestic market. International RPKs that month fell 2% year-on-year and domestic RPKs increased 29%. The […]

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China Eastern’s $1.3bn Shanghai gambit

China Eastern Airlines’ $1.3 billion bid for Shanghai Airlines is nothing less than an attempt to survive in the highly competitive Chinese market. While Air China and China Southern had close to a 50% market share in their Beijing and Guangzhou hubs respectively, China Eastern had only just over 30% in Shanghai.Buying Shanghai Airlines will […]

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Chinese carriers’ rising stars

  Since the stock market rally started in late March, many publicly-listed Chinese carriers have experienced a 50% increase in their share price, making Chinese carriers the best performing airline stocks in the world. But what is the reason for this increase? It seems a bit unusual considering other airline stocks are still suffering due […]

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Breaking through China Eastern’s spin

“China Eastern to establish airline in Yunnan province”, says one of the headlines in China’s state-controlled news media. At first glance, it may seem like a new airline but in fact it is not. China Eastern already has a carrier in Yunnan province’s capital Kunming.In fact, what is happening is China Eastern is reducing its […]

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SIA has moved on from China Eastern love affair

China Eastern Airlines is reportedly fluttering its eyes at Singapore Airlines once again, which is a bit rich after the abrupt way in which SIA’s advances were spurned the last time around.In any case, SIA does not appear to be keen now and that is hardly surprising. It has problems of its own in the […]

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