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China’s killer VTOL UAVs

Last September’s Beijing Aviation Expo was primarily acommercial affair, but there were a bunch of cool VTOL UAVs on static in the lobby. These included the SVU200, a creation of US UAV designer DennisFetters, that had its first flight recently. While all the UAVs were ostensibly being pitched for ho hum peacefulcivilian purposes – pipeline […]

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PHOTOS: China’s Global Hawk?

Photos have emerged on the China Defense Mashup web site ofa possible Chinese high altitude long endurance (HALE) UAV at the Chengdu airfield. The aircraft resembles the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 GlobalHawk, with a rear-mounted intake above the tail and long thin wings that wouldbe suitable for sustained high altitude flight. Unlike Global Hawk’s ‘V’ tailthe […]

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