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Must read: Chinese Aerospace Power, Emerging Maritime Roles

For readers with a more than passing interest in Asia Pacific military affairs, Chinese Aerospace Power, Emerging Maritime Roles is the book for you.  Edited by China defence experts Andrew Erickson and Lyle Goldstein, the book is a series of essays and papers about China’s capabilities and possible intentions in regard to the use of […]

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PICTURES: Cockpit pics of Chinese JH-7s on the deck

Came across some cool shots on my favorite Chinese web site(China Defense Mashup) of Xian JH-7 fighter bombers on the deck snapped by a People’sLiberation Army Navy pilot. In the book I’m now reading – Chinese Aerospace Power: EvolvingMaritime Roles – one of the contributors talks about PLAN pilot training as therole of PLAN air […]

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A cursory glance at Asia’s presence at Farnborough this year

With just over 12 hours before the Farnborough air showkicks off in earnest – the Flightglobal team has already been working hard toproduce tomorrow’s show daily – I thought it would be good to outline the Asianpresence at the show this year. The most visible Asian presence is the Malaysia AirlinesA380, which dominates the static […]

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Chinese J-21 Emerges! (well, something emerges – sort of)

The China Defense Blog and other Chinese defence sites haverevealed photos of a mysterious airframe travelling aboard the back of a truck,apparently from the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation to Xian Aircraft Company. This is no J-20 moment: there has yet to be a magicalappearance on a runway, followed by obsessive tweeting and blogging about afirst flight. […]

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Must Read: China Airborne by James Fallows

Depending on who you talk to, China is either the graveyardor the future for major airframers like Boeing and Airbus. It will also,supposedly, be the world’s greatest market for both general and businessaviation, with millions of Chinese taking to the skies for pleasure andbusiness. In China Airborne, journalist and avowed aviation enthusiastJames Fallows tries to […]

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Will Obama drop a viper in China’s lap?

Last August I wrote in this blog that Taiwan‘slong-hoped-for F-16 C/D purchase could become an election issue in the USA this year. Therecent letter from the Obama administration to Senator John Cornyn suggeststhat the administration could indeed sell Taiwan new F-16s. This would be a greatway to bolster the president’s tough guy foreign policy credentials […]

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PICTURES: J-10As conduct bombing practice in China’s southwest

This morning I came across some cool photos of  Chengdu J-10As on a live fire exerecise inthe Chengdu Military Area Command (MAC) in China’s southwest. According to PLAstory posted on China’ s defence ministry site, the aim of the mission was to conductfighter operations at high altitudes in day and night conditions.

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Surprise! That China Su-35 deal is on hold

I was amused to read the Ria Novosti report that the China SukhoiSu-35 deal is in trouble. Apparently the Russians want to sell China a large numberof aircraft, while China would prefer just a handful. And so an impasse ensues. “We have been promoting the Su-35fighter on the Chinese market,” Rosoboronexport deputy chief ViktorKomardin is […]

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Must Read: report about China fighter development strategies

China’s fighter upgrading  tends to draw either the scorn of overseas commentators (‘they still can’t build engines’) or fear (‘by 2020 the J-20 will dominate the skies over the Himalayas’). A recent report by the Institute for National Strategic Studies – ‘Buy, Build, or Steal: China’s Quest for Advanced Military Aviation Technologies’ – outlines the […]

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Chinese Predator UAV look-alike crashes

The China Defence Mashup web site has published a photopurporting to be of a crashed Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle. To me it lookslike the Pterodactyl, which itself looks like the General Atomics MQ-1Predator. Apparently it went down in China‘sHebeiprovince. Villagers snapped the above photo before the military cordonedoff the area. Aside from some interesting stuff about […]

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