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TADTE attendance reflects China fear factor

Taiwan‘srequirement for 66 new F-16 C/Ds is no diminutive affair. Regional requirementsfor fewer aircraft such as Malaysia‘snew fighter (16-18 aircraft), Japan‘sFX-II (42), and Korea‘sFX-III (60) have attracted intense interest from the heavy hitters: Boeing,Lockheed Martin, Rafale, Eurofighter, Saab, and even the Russians. In such competitions the biggies spend small fortunes onelaborate stands at local air […]

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TADTE: UCAVs and carrier killers

Quite enjoying the world of Taiwan military aviation on show atthe Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition (TADTE, which everyonepronounces as ‘TATE’). The most striking thing by far is the belligerent videos andimages the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense has on display. A video in the stand of Chung-Shan Institute of  Science and Technology (above) […]

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Firefox Down: stealing Russia’s fighter secrets

Craig Thomas’s 1977 novel Firefox sees American pilot ColonelMitchell Gant slipping into the USSRto steal the MiG-31 Firefox. Not the real MiG-31, but a 100% stealthy aircraftwith ramjet engines, Mach 4 speed, and a ceiling of 120,000 feet. The pilotcontrols the aircraft with thoughts, and cameras on the fuselage give completesituational awareness in all directions. […]

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Taiwan’s AH-64 deal: a knife for a gunfight

Some years back I toured the USS Nimitz . Somebody in the groupasked the officer showing us around about the RIM-7 Sea Sparrow launcher. “If it ever gets to the point we need to use that, we’realready dead,” he replied. The same could be said of last week’s news that Taiwanwill purchase 30 Boeing AH-64 […]

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Must read: Rand’s view on PLAAF vs. Taiwan

The implications of a bust up between China and Taiwanare almost too harrowing to contemplate, especially if the United States and Japan were drawn in. The world’sinter-connected economy would collapse as the world entered the great unknown. Thehuman toll could be horrendous.Nonetheless, Chinais dead serious about getting Taiwanback, and force will remain very much on […]

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“Here comes the shot…splashed three!”

Just days after I spotted Top Gun footage in the promotional video for China’s FTC-2000 Mountain Eagle advanced jet trainer, news broke that CCTV recently used air combat footage from Top Gun in a video about the J-10.What eighties movie will be next? Iron Eagle, Air Wolf, and Blue Thunder should all be in the […]

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Back in Black: more cool J-20 images

Following the J-20′s dramatic appearance a few weeks ago more images and movies have emerged on China’s Internet. A new video shows the aircraft apparently being towed. Security seems incredibly lax in this one as the avgeeks make little effort to hide their faces. It looks like they’ve found a great spot for a bit […]

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So when is a military helicopter not a military helicopter?

When China (and Eurocopter) says so, it seems.Taiwan’s air force has bought three EC225s for search and rescue missions. Eurocopter says that it is for civil use, and emphasises that this is not a military variant. Yet, doesn’t the fact that this was bought by the air force rather than a civilian agency make it […]

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VIDEO: China’s “Top Gun” features the J-10 fighter

China’s version of Top Gun is here! Called J-10 on A Mission, it is a movie based on the Chengdu J-10 fighter jet and apparently about to be released in Chinese cinemas.Just like in Top Gun, the movie is about the pilots and lead actor Wang Ban is the Chinese version of Tom Cruise.The movie […]

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PICTURE: China tests BKZ-500 HALE UAV?

Here is a picture, reportedly of the Chinese BKZ-500 high-altitude long-endurance UAV, that is making the rounds on the internet that i found on this blog.My colleague Steve Trimble has some ideas about this at his blog, but all of this is certainly part of a concerted Chinese attempt to increase its investment and capability […]

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