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PLAAF female pilots 2.jpg

PICTURES: New flight suits for female PLAAF pilots

Judging by these pictures, which came out in the Chinese media, I thinkthat the PLAAF will be even more closely scrutinised than before!China’s first female fighter pilots will wear a specially designed “anti-G” flight suit, according to the country’s media. The suit took the People’s Liberation Army Air Force 15 months to develop, according to […]

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Air China 737-800.jpg

Another step forward for China and Taiwan

Chinese and Taiwanese airlines today began operating scheduled direct flights for the first time in 60 years. For several years, they have been operating regular chartered flights. But this has been formalised into a scheduled structure after an agreement earlier this year.Yet, the good news has been tempered by the fact that the Dalai Lama, […]

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First China-made A320 marks milestone

It has been a landmark week for both China and Airbus when the first A320 (above, having its first flight) to be assembled in the country was delivered to its customer on Tuesday and began operations with Sichuan Airlines on Wednesday.For China, it shows the world that it can manufacture an aircraft that meets the […]

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L-15 trainer 1.jpg

PARIS 2009: Uncertainty makes China push L-15 exports

Given the uncertain market at home for the Hongdu Aviation L-15, China Aviation Industry Corp (AVIC) is pushing the advanced jet trainer to foreign customers here in Paris. The company has brought a model and simulator, and has been seek talking to officers from several foreign air forces.The latest version, the L-15-05, had its maiden […]

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Comac 919.jpg

Paris 2009: AIDC could make parts for China’s Comac 919

Cross-straits ties are set for a further boost through the aerospace industry if Taiwan’s AIDC wins a contract to be a supplier for China’s upcoming narrowbody passenger aircraft.AIDC officials yesterday confirmed that they could help Commercial Aircraft Corp of China’s (Comac) manufacture flaps, slats, leading edge flaps, rudders, elevators and belly fairings.China has regarded Taiwan […]

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China’s neighbours will watch its military spending closely

China’s is now the world’s second largest defence spender, something that would surely alarm its neighbours who will want to speed up the modernisation of their armed forces as well.The People’s Liberation Army Air Force [PLAAF] is a big beneficiary of this money. It has inducted the Chengdu Aircraft J-10 [official video above] and Chengdu […]

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Cessna XLS in Tibet second photo

Photo: Cessna Citation XLS at world’s highest airport

Talk about flying high! Here are some photos of the Cessna Citation XLS at Tibet’s Qamdo Bangda Airport, the world’s highest airport at 14,219ft (4,334m). What a view the pilots must have had.These were taken while the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) conducted tests at the airport to certify the aircraft for operations at […]

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Model 2.JPG

Chinese models

You get the usual array of interesting aircraft models at any air show, and Airshow China in Zhuhai earlier this month was no different.The Chinese were keen to display their latest unmanned aircraft although, predictably, there was very little information forthcoming on the level of development for each programme.Perhaps, that has something to do with […]

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