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Flightglobal team tests Seletar’s Dauphin simulator

The Singapore Flightglobal team finally had the opportunityto check out the new full motion Eurocopter Dauphin simulator at SeletarAerospace Park yesterday. The simulator is the first AS365 N3/N3+  simulator in the Asia Pacific. I visited the simulator during the Singapore Airshow but atthat time the full motion capability was deactivated. Yesterday it wasdefinitely on. Among […]

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Alan Joyce remains optimistic about Qantas’ prospects

It has not been an easy ride for Qantas Airways CEO Alan Joyce since he took over at the helm of the Australian carrier in November 2008.He ran smack into the headwinds caused by the high fuel prices and economic downturn, and as capacity into the country increased despite the slowdown. Undoubtedly, there are numerous […]

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So when is a military helicopter not a military helicopter?

When China (and Eurocopter) says so, it seems.Taiwan’s air force has bought three EC225s for search and rescue missions. Eurocopter says that it is for civil use, and emphasises that this is not a military variant. Yet, doesn’t the fact that this was bought by the air force rather than a civilian agency make it […]

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PICTURE: Eurocopter and KAI roll out utility helicopter

Korea Aerospace Industries and Eurocopter rolled out the first Korean Utility Helicopter today.The maiden flight of this prototype is planned for the early months of 2010 and a serial production will start for 245 helicopters for the Republic of Korea Army. It is scheduled to enter into service in 2012.Next up is the question of […]

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PARIS 2009: Eurocopter takes Indian lessons

Eurocopter has learnt its lesson from the last time around, and is sending the militarised AS550 C3 Fennec (above, at the Paris Air Show) to India for the light utility helicopter trials. The last time around, it used the civilian version of the helicopter, the AS350. This became a controversy when it won that competition, […]

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PARIS 2009: Vietnam’s military market opens up

Vietnam’s military market has been thought of as a potentially big one for western defence contractors for a long while, and it could finally open up for them if Eurocopter lands a deal with the country’s navy to sell the EC225 (above) and EC155 (below) helicopters.Lockheed Martin executives have already said that their F-16 could […]

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Confusion in Melbourne

It is all getting a little bit confusing over in Melbourne.Last year, Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways paid good money to sponsor the Australian city’s main stadium. The deal makes sense for the carrier, which has just started its first direct Melbourne-Abu Dhabi flights and is planning on a major expansion of services to Australia. The […]

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Eurocopter EC725

Malaysian flip-flops

Can Malaysia please get on with it?First, Kuala Lumpur announced that the Eurocopter EC725 Cougar would replace the country’s ageing Sikorsky S-61 “Nuri” fleets. Now, after opposition politicians and Eurocopter’s competitors cried foul, saying that the selection was made without proper trials and checks, Kuala Lumpur has decided to “postpone” the deal. On the surface, […]

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