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Firefox Down: stealing Russia’s fighter secrets

Craig Thomas’s 1977 novel Firefox sees American pilot ColonelMitchell Gant slipping into the USSRto steal the MiG-31 Firefox. Not the real MiG-31, but a 100% stealthy aircraftwith ramjet engines, Mach 4 speed, and a ceiling of 120,000 feet. The pilotcontrols the aircraft with thoughts, and cameras on the fuselage give completesituational awareness in all directions. […]

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ANA launches post-earthquake & tsunami special livery

Japan’s All Nippon Airways has launched a modest special livery commemorating the island nation’s efforts to recover from last month’s earthquake and resulting tsunami.The livery carries the phrase “Forward together as one Japan”. In front of Japan is a red dot representing the sun; Japan is referred to as the land of the rising sun. […]

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