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(Bad) PICTURES: joint Russia/India medium transport aircraft

Yesterday India’s HAL, Russia’s United Aircraft, and thetwo firms’ joint venture signed an agreement to get started on the MediumTransport Aircraft programme.I found a few images of what this aircraft is supposed tolook like. From a public relations perspective, it would be greatif these guys could align their images, and then furnish us journos withnice, […]

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VIDEO: Finnair Celebrating India’s Republic Day

Those crazy creative guys at Finnair did it again, this time dancing to a Hindi song on a flight to New Delhi to celebrate India’s Republic Day, which is today. I wonder how long they took to practice the moves, which are not too bad at all.

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Unhappy birthday: Tejas one year after its IOC

Media reports in India remind me that it has been one year since the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) Tejas Light Combat Aircraft achieved initial operation capability.  At Aero India last year Tejas was one of the stars of the air show. After two decades of delays and problems officials were optimistic about India’s most ambitious […]

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J-2X Fighter Jet_1.jpg

J-2X – yet another regional fighter?

I came across a blog entry claiming that Pakistanand Chinaplan to co-develop a ‘fourth generation stealth fighter’ called the J-2X. Theimages below first appeared on the Asian Defence News blog site. The aircraft looks like a hodgepodge of existing types -none of them stealthy. The J-2X’s clipped delta wing is reminiscent of the F-16and JF-17, the […]

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India’s Mirage upgrade: a prelude to a Rafale MMRCA win?

It looks as if India is serious about upgradingits Dassault Mirage 2000Hs to Mirage 2000-9 standard. This is a major upgradethat will affect most systems in the aircraft. The bill, estimated at $2.2billion, is staggering, working out to about $43 million an aircraft. One wondersif Indiawould be better off buying new aircraft. In his MMRCA […]

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Eurofighter Hi-Res.jpg

India’s MMRCA: Cut and Thrust

These are interesting times for India‘s Air Force. Somewhere in itscolonnaded Delhiheadquarters a massive team is poring over tens of thousands of pages about thesix fighters in the 126-aircraft MMRCA (Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft)competition. Aside from the 6,000-7,000 pages each company provided – thecontenders are Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Saab, Dassault, Eurofighter, and RSKMig – the […]

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India MiG-29.jpg

Just how many more naval fighters does India need?

We’ve confirmed that India has ordered another 29 RAC MiG-29K fighters for its navy, in addition to the 16 it ordered a few years ago, to go with the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier that is now scheduled to enter into service in 2012.This will give it a total of 45 carrier-borne fighters and there is […]

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Cabin 2.JPG

Pictures: India reveals details about RTA-70 regional aircraft

There you go – India seems rather keen on going ahead with plans for a turboprop regional aircraft, which it is calling the RTA-70 (model above).Diehl unveiled a proposed cabin mock-up (below) at India Aviation 2010 that it produced in consultation with the National Aerospace Laboratories, which is leading the efforts to develop the RTA-70.NAL […]

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Indian Su-30.jpg

India grounds Su-30MKI fleets after crash

Another Sukhoi Su-30MKI crash in India has resulted in the grounding of the entire fleet of the country’s front-line fighters. The crash comes days after India’s president Prathiba Patil went on a high profile flight on board one of the fighters.Whether this is due to an aircraft fault of technical error, it certainly adds to […]

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Squeaky bum time in Indian MMRCA competition

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson once called the tail end of the season, when the real title contenders step up their game amid the pressure and peel away from their rivals, the squeaky bum time.That is probably an apt description for the six contenders in India’s medium multi-role combat aircraft competition. The flight evaluation trials […]

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