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Trigger happy over the T-50

South Korean publications are abuzz with a press pickup thatIndonesiawill buy 16 KAI T-50 advanced jet trainer aircraft to replace its aging BAEHawks. The apparent source of the news was a story from Indonesian publisherSeputar Indonesia, quoting Indonesian Air Force chief of staff Imam Sufaat.Unfortunately no amount of searching on Seputar’s websiteproduces an article mentioning […]

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Bizarre twist in T-50 Indonesia campaign

South Korean and Indonesian newspapers are abuzz with a bizarretwist in Seoul‘squest to find a foreign client for the Korea Aerospace Industries/LockheedMartin T-50 Golden Eagle.Essentially two men and a woman allegedly from South Korea‘s spy agency, the NationalIntelligence Service, recently broke into a Seoul hotel room occupied by a member of avisiting Indonesian trade delegation. […]

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Indonesia’s DGCA must act after latest Merpati crash

Yesterday’s Merpati crash puts the spotlight on Indonesia’s airline safety and maintenance standards once again.What is worrying is that despite several accidents over the last year, and nothing seems to have been done to force Merpati to conduct an overview of its safety and maintenance standards.Indonesia’s DGCA needs to come down hard on airlines like […]

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Fresh opportunity for Indonesia’s airline industry

There must have been a sigh of relief among Indonesian airlines after the European Union confirmed that it would lift its ban on four of them. The quartet can now begin to plan flights to Europe, and they will be able to get European passengers who will be able to book tickets on Indonesian airlines […]

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