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Chinese J-21 Emerges! (well, something emerges – sort of)

The China Defense Blog and other Chinese defence sites haverevealed photos of a mysterious airframe travelling aboard the back of a truck,apparently from the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation to Xian Aircraft Company. This is no J-20 moment: there has yet to be a magicalappearance on a runway, followed by obsessive tweeting and blogging about afirst flight. […]

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J-10B with J-20.jpg

Must Read: report about China fighter development strategies

China’s fighter upgrading  tends to draw either the scorn of overseas commentators (‘they still can’t build engines’) or fear (‘by 2020 the J-20 will dominate the skies over the Himalayas’). A recent report by the Institute for National Strategic Studies – ‘Buy, Build, or Steal: China’s Quest for Advanced Military Aviation Technologies’ – outlines the […]

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Now open! The J-20′s weapons bay doors

This week’s batch of Chengdu J-20 photos apparently show theaircraft with its weapons bay doors open. Something has been bothering me about the J-20, and finallyI realize what it is. The aircraft’s landing gear and weapons bay doors allhave long, straight edges.  I don’t claimto be an expert on stealth technology, but aircraft covers with angled […]

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VIDEOS: J-20, Shi Lang & J-15 (with annoying music)

More videos from China.First one shows more of the Chengdu J-20 undergoing flight tests, including a takeoff as well as a landing with the deployent of two chutes.Second video shows the new Chinese carrier undergoing re-fitting. This thing is no secret, just look at all the civilian boats passing by. Surprising we are not getting […]

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Back in Black: more cool J-20 images

Following the J-20′s dramatic appearance a few weeks ago more images and movies have emerged on China’s Internet. A new video shows the aircraft apparently being towed. Security seems incredibly lax in this one as the avgeeks make little effort to hide their faces. It looks like they’ve found a great spot for a bit […]

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J-20 maiden flight: I’m a believer

During lunch today China‘s aviation enthusiasts wentcrazy with reports of the Chengdu J-20′s first flight. Preparations had been taking place allmorning: chairs set out for VIPs, tea served, and extra tight security aroundthe airfield perimeter. A quick check revealed that in Chinese astrologicalterms today is good day for big things: signing contracts, moving house,commencing renovations, […]

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J-20 blues: no first flight today, apparently

Been glued to Twitter and Chinese web sites all afternoonfor news of the J-20′s first flight. Now, however, I’m getting tweets that the VIPs who assembledfor a function at the Chengdufactory are heading back, with no sign of the new aircraft taking off. Notentirely surprised: the Chinese calendar today says it is a horrible day […]

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J-20 first flight today? Tension mounts.

Bleachers have gone up at Chengdu‘s No. 132 aircraft plant, red carpetshave been un-rolled, and porta-potties delivered. Given the Chengdu J-20 cat is out of the bag, thanks toavgeeks with camera phones, perhaps the official announcement comes today. Or,dare we say, a first flight? Reports say the plane is out of the hanger andwarming up. […]

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Clearer, cooler video of J-20

Yet another video emerges of the Chengdu J-20 taxiing. The filmer is using a much better quality camera than the one previously used. The black spot on the upper left suggests the camera is hidden, as does the sudden cut at the end. A few more things strike me about the plane. Particularly the way […]

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