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JASDF video: goodies but oldies

My colleague Stephen Trimble of The Dew Line blog alerted methis morning to a good Friday video from Japan. Pretty much every Japanese Air Self Defense Force aircraft shows up, notably thedevelopmental XC-2 transport. The only disappointment is that the XP-1 maritime patrol aircraft doesn’t make an appearance. Highlights are the F-4EJ Phantoms, as wellas XC-2 […]

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Japan’s F-X and F-XX: two separate aircraft?

At the recent Paris Air Show I tagged along to a presentation byBoeing about Japan‘sF-X requirement for 40-50 fighters to replace Japan Air Self Defense ForceMcDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantoms. The briefing provided an opportunity to ask aquestion that has nagged me for sometime: why did Boeing offer the F/A-18 E/FSuper Hornet as opposed to the […]

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ANA launches post-earthquake & tsunami special livery

Japan’s All Nippon Airways has launched a modest special livery commemorating the island nation’s efforts to recover from last month’s earthquake and resulting tsunami.The livery carries the phrase “Forward together as one Japan”. In front of Japan is a red dot representing the sun; Japan is referred to as the land of the rising sun. […]

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VIDEO: C-17 ops in Japan

Just wrote an item for next week’s magazine about the relief efforts last month in Japan, and the performance of the C-17 in particular.Apparently Sendai airport was not fully open until 28 March following the tsunami on 11 March. The first C-17s, however, were going into Sendai on 20 March after the USAF’s 320th special […]

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Video: Japan crisis and fuel costs test Asia-Pacific airlines

I had an interesting chat with CNBC’s Oriel Morrison this morning on the challenges facing the Asia-Pacific airlines, and she had some great questions about how they are affected by the crisis in Japan and rising fuel costs. The importance of Japan to the airline industry cannot be over-stated – it is a major leisure […]

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Japan nears the end of its F-22 courtship

Like a lover who embarked on an unfulfilled courtship, Japan nears the end of its F-22 dreamLockheed Martin’s chief financial officer Bruce Tanner, when asked by analysts about the prospects for overseas sales, was pessimistic. “I’m not particularly positive on the ability for us to make [an F-22 export deal] happen in the next few […]

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Japan’s F-22 dream a $12.5 billion nightmare?

What price a dream? For Japan, it may be $12.5 billion for the fighter that it most covets.It appears than an export model of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor for Japan could cost $250 million apiece. Reuters reports that the price was revealed in a letter that US Senator Daniel Inouye, who heads the Senate […]

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Reviving Japan’s F-22 Raptor hopes?

Washington is tantalisingly holding out the Raptor lollipop to Japan once again, but Tokyo is unlikely to get a lick. According to news reports, the US Senate is exploring the viability of creating an export variant of the Lockheed Martin F-22 stealth fighter (above, arriving in Japan for an exercise).This comes after US Defense Secretary […]

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Look, but don’t touch: Japan’s predicament with the F-22

There is a classic scene in The Devil’s Advocate where Al Pacino, who plays the devil, talks to Keanu Reeves about God teasing humans. And he utters this memorable line: “Look, but don’t touch. Touch, but don’t taste. Taste, don’t swallow.”That must be how the Japanese are feeling after the US Air Force deployed the […]

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Japan should forget about the Raptor

Waiting for nothing

Japan has finally confirmed what everyone figured would happen anyway – it has delayed its F-X competition in order to continue lobbying the USA for information on the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. It is silly, though. The Japan Air Self Defense Force’s capability will keep dropping, and there is no guarantee that Washington would allow […]

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