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VIDEO: MiG-29KUB touch and goes – but not on Vikradmaditya, sadly

One of the more glamourous aspects of covering defenceaerospace for Flightglobal is chasing public relations guys at the region’sdefence ministries. Earlier this week I was chasing India’s ministry of defencefor confirmation of reports that a MiG-29KUB had conducted the first touch andgoes from the deck of the INS Vikramaditya, which is undergoing sea trials in […]

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Just how many more naval fighters does India need?

We’ve confirmed that India has ordered another 29 RAC MiG-29K fighters for its navy, in addition to the 16 it ordered a few years ago, to go with the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier that is now scheduled to enter into service in 2012.This will give it a total of 45 carrier-borne fighters and there is […]

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