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VIDEO: view of Avalon from KC-30A taking off

Last week at the Avalon air show I had a unique opportunityto fly aboard the RAAF’s new KC-30A while it conducted the air-to-airrefuelling of two F/A-18C aircraft.  I wassuper busy at the show, so only now do I have the chance to post my photos anda video of the trip. Riding the KC-30A (AKA Airbus […]

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PICTURES: RAAF ‘Haul-a-herc’ event raises money for Special Olympics

Received a cool email earlier today from the RAAF. They recently held a charity event to raise money for the Special Olympics where 20 teams of 20 people hauled a Lockheed Martin C-130J over 10m. The objective was to pull the 40-tonne aircraft 10m in the fastest time possible. The quickest time of 11.68s was […]

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PHOTOS: RNZAF UH-1H’s loaded onto RAAF C-17

The New Zealand Defence Force has released photos of RNZAF Bell UH-1H Iroqouis helicopters being loaded onto a RAAF Boeing C-17 for transport to Papua New Guinea to help out in election monitoring. Though I’ve seen the C-17 at air shows and had a chance to walk around inside, I’m still blown away by how […]

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VIDEO: M1A1 flies aboard RAAF C-17

Earlier this week the RAAF announced that it had flown anM1A1 Abrams main battle tank aboard a Boeing C-17, the service’s first timeperforming this feat. In the video, it’s interesting to see how much spaceremains on either side of the tank when it is in the hold. There is still more than enoughspace for guys […]

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PICTURES: KC-30A at LIMA; A330 MRTT for Singapore?

One of the highest profile aircraft at last week’s LIMA showwas the RAAF Airbus KC-30A (A330 multi role tanker transport). This was thefirst time the aircraft travelled abroad under the Australian flag. Its crewprovided a comprehensive update of the type’s introduction into RAAF service. During the show the aircraft received delegations fromSingapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. […]

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VIDEO: RAAF gets busy with KC-30A trials

The Royal Australian Air Force has posted a video of itsAirbus KC-30A (A330 multi-role tanker transport) conducting dry and wetcontacts with an F/A-18F Super Hornet. The RAAF’s Classic Hornets and SuperHornets can rely on the hose and drogue system for the time being. The boom is primarilyintended for the RAAF’s planned fleet of Lockheed Martin […]

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Spotting tips: can that Super Hornet become a Growler?

The other day Australianmilitary expert Andrew McLaughlin shared a trio of photos (below) showing the extrabumps and lumps that distinguish Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornets that are wiredfor upgrading to E/A-18 Growlers. “There is a lump on thespine, and two on the lower rear fuselage which are apertures for future antennainstallations,” wrote Andrew. ” Other mods […]

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F111s buried.jpg

RAAF F-111s go six feet under

Old aircraft tend to have ignominious ends.  Numerous F-4 Phantoms, F-102s, and even earlymake F-16s have received the fatal ‘QF’ target drone designation, which generally portends swift destruction by missiles. With the end of the Cold War, the wingsand fuselages of dozens of old B-52s were guillotined by a steal beam droppedby a crane, making […]

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Australia’s defence budget: A$72,766,619.18 per day

Think tank Australian Strategic Policy Institute has produceda 255 page report titled the Cost of Defence about Australia‘s2011-2012 defence budget. It pegs the daily expenditure at A$72.8 million ($77million). While the report touches on all aspects of Australia‘smilitary. It expresses doubts that  Australiais on-track to achieve Force 2030, the high-tech, flexible force envisaged in a2009 government white […]

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Caribou (pic from dept of defence) (Custom).jpg

Where’s the Caribou?

I put in a call last week to Australia’s Department of Defence to find out what the situation is with the Royal Australian Air Force’s de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou tactical transport aircraft.   The air force phased the aircraft out in December but I wanted to find out if there was any chance these […]

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