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SGA2012: Jackie Chan beats rush hour with his 650

For many owners and users of private jets, mostly rich businessmen or company executives (high net-worth individuals, in the industry parlance) who need to zip around from one place to another without being held back by airline schedules, these aircraft are a business tool. Yet, most people are more familiar with the glamorous side of […]

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SGA2012: Saying a sad goodbye to SIA’s 747s

As a young boy who dreamed of flying around the world, I had a fixation with the Concorde and the Boeing 747. Even now, just talking about these two beautiful aircraft or writing about them brings a silly smile to my face. I never flew on the Concorde, although I got a photo of myself […]

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SGA2012: RSAF unveils the first F-15SG, F-16C joint display

Yet again I’m impressed by the creativity displayed by oneof the region’s air forces in putting together a flying display to impress bothfrequent air show visitors and the the general public. The RSAF plans on teaming its new F-15SG with an F-16C in ajoint aerobatics display, certainly an unusual teaming of aircraft. A few hoursago […]

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SGA2012: So many aircraft, so little time.

Flightglobal’s plans for the Singapore Airshow 2012 arewell afoot. Looks like it’s going to be a super busy week on the defenceside. There will be two of us coveringit, myself (@asiajetwatch) and my colleague @sivag. Unfortunately, as is always the case at air shows, a lot ofthe briefings clash with each other and with individual […]

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