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Asiana A320 incident: send cards

There has been an outcry in South Korea about the bizarreincident in which two Korean marines fired over 100 rounds at an Asiana A320 theymistook for a North Korean bomber. Oddly they did not shoot at the plane thatover flew them 20 minutes earlier, and the ones before that – flight paths are,if anything, predictable. […]

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Bizarre twist in T-50 Indonesia campaign

South Korean and Indonesian newspapers are abuzz with a bizarretwist in Seoul‘squest to find a foreign client for the Korea Aerospace Industries/LockheedMartin T-50 Golden Eagle.Essentially two men and a woman allegedly from South Korea‘s spy agency, the NationalIntelligence Service, recently broke into a Seoul hotel room occupied by a member of avisiting Indonesian trade delegation. […]

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PICTURES: First flight of ROKAF F-15Ks with P&W engines

 One of my contacts has just sent me these, the first flight of the Republic of Korea Air Force F-15Ks that are powered by the Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229 engines.The one-hour flight took place over St Louis on Monday. The aircraft is part of an order for 21 fighters that the country ordered two years […]

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PICTURE: Eurocopter and KAI roll out utility helicopter

Korea Aerospace Industries and Eurocopter rolled out the first Korean Utility Helicopter today.The maiden flight of this prototype is planned for the early months of 2010 and a serial production will start for 245 helicopters for the Republic of Korea Army. It is scheduled to enter into service in 2012.Next up is the question of […]

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