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A tongue in cheek approach to dealing with SIA’s pilot union

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has too many pilots so it is currently trying to get its pilots to take four days off per month as compulsory leave but the pilots are only willing to take one day off a month. Here’s a novel approach to deal with those pesky union pilots. Implement the Singapore Ministry of Health’s […]

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Cathay unmasked

Cathay Pacific Airways appears to have made a PR blunder over its handling of the swine flu issue. The Oneworld carrier, like many other airlines, has been implementing measures on board flights to help mitigate the spread of swine flu. But when its cabin crew declared that they wanted to wear face masks to protect […]

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Cool heads necessary when dealing with swine virus

Just when people thought that things could not get any worse for the reeling aerospace industry, here comes the “swine flu” to deal another blow. Whether we will be down for the count depends on the findings and decisions made by the scientific and medical communities, and various governments, in the coming days.The way and […]

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Swine flu threatens to be bigger problem than SARS to aviation industry

Swine flu threatens to adversely affect international passenger traffic and could be even worse than 2003′s SARS outbreak. In early 2003 when the SARS outbreak was first reported in Hong Kong, airline bosses around the world were too complacent. I remember attending a Star Alliance conference in Seoul when the news of SARS first broke. Not a single airline CEO made […]

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