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Finally, a gun on a UAV?

The Aviationist blog has posted a video about an intriguingUAV with a submachine gun, apparently posted in Russia. While the clip is certainly entertaining – “I don’t think Irecognise any of those guys, let’s take them out” and “That was awesome! Lookat the guy’s head rolling down the hill” – I can’t vouch for the […]

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Chinese Predator UAV look-alike crashes

The China Defence Mashup web site has published a photopurporting to be of a crashed Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle. To me it lookslike the Pterodactyl, which itself looks like the General Atomics MQ-1Predator. Apparently it went down in China‘sHebeiprovince. Villagers snapped the above photo before the military cordonedoff the area. Aside from some interesting stuff about […]

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TADTE: UCAVs and carrier killers

Quite enjoying the world of Taiwan military aviation on show atthe Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition (TADTE, which everyonepronounces as ‘TATE’). The most striking thing by far is the belligerent videos andimages the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense has on display. A video in the stand of Chung-Shan Institute of  Science and Technology (above) […]

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