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Must read: Chinese Aerospace Power, Emerging Maritime Roles

For readers with a more than passing interest in Asia Pacific military affairs, Chinese Aerospace Power, Emerging Maritime Roles is the book for you.  Edited by China defence experts Andrew Erickson and Lyle Goldstein, the book is a series of essays and papers about China’s capabilities and possible intentions in regard to the use of […]

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Must read: Rand’s view on PLAAF vs. Taiwan

The implications of a bust up between China and Taiwanare almost too harrowing to contemplate, especially if the United States and Japan were drawn in. The world’sinter-connected economy would collapse as the world entered the great unknown. Thehuman toll could be horrendous.Nonetheless, Chinais dead serious about getting Taiwanback, and force will remain very much on […]

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PHOTOS: USAF F-16 pilot on China’s L-15 AJT simulator

Talk about checking out the competition! A US Air Force F-16 pilot was pictured trying his hand on a simulator for China’s Hongdu Aviation L-15 advanced jet trainer at last month’s Paris Air Show (photos above and below).It would have been interesting to hear what his reaction was, but these pictures came out in the […]

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Asian countries will look closely at Pentagon procurement plans

Following US defence secretary Robert Gates’ plans to overhaul his country’s military procurement process, it is clear that there will be some winners and losers in Asia.Japan suffered the biggest setback, given that the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor that it covets so much will not be produced beyond the 187 on order. It is unlikely […]

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