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China Aircraft carrier

China’s aircraft carrier: the Death Star of the Spratlys

China‘s newaircraft carrier is again in the news, with sea trials apparently due nextweek, perhaps to coincide with the 90th anniversary of China‘scommunist party.  There are any number ofskeptics about the ship. A recent post by the Lexington Institute suggests thecarrier is an immense mistake. A “highly vulnerable extravagance” is how theauthor puts it.  In […]

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Asia’s new carriers pick up steam

Two big news items today, one about China’s new aircraft carrier, the other about India’s.  China,more or less, confirmed its carrier programme. Although the former USSR carrier Varyag is clearly visible in Dalian – apparently agreat view is available from the bedroom section of Ikea – the country hasnever officially acknowledged the ship, though it […]

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VIDEOS: J-20, Shi Lang & J-15 (with annoying music)

More videos from China.First one shows more of the Chengdu J-20 undergoing flight tests, including a takeoff as well as a landing with the deployent of two chutes.Second video shows the new Chinese carrier undergoing re-fitting. This thing is no secret, just look at all the civilian boats passing by. Surprising we are not getting […]

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