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Book Review: Boeing 787 Dreamliner

As if I was not getting enough of anaviation fix at Farnborough last week, I decided to read the Kindle version of’Boeing 787 Dreamliner’ by journalist Guy Norris and photographer Mark Wagnerto help me decompress after the show at night. Norris, I am told, formerly worked forFlight – he lists a number of past and […]

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PICTURES: Thai air force museum, home of some seriously exotic aircraft

Bangkok: city of great food, smiling people, awesome massages, and much more. During a recent weekend there my friend suggested we take his five year old son to the Royal Thai Air Force museum out near Don Muang airport. “My son especially likes this big transport plane with a ramp at the back,” said he. […]

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Must Read: Father of the HAL Tejas speaks

Earlier this month the seventh limited series production(LSP) Tejas took the air (pictures). Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL)  made quite a bit of noise on the TejasFacebook page, including a long video of LSP 7′s maiden flight, a pressrelease, and photographs. Possibly the hoopla has something to do with next week’sDefExpo event in New Delhi. Last […]

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PICTURES: ROCAF takes delivery of B-26 Marauder

A Martin B-26 Marauder (above image courtesy of wp.scn.ru)has made its way to Taiwan, where the twin engine aircraft once flew reconnaissancemissions over China. A media repot said the aircraft is part of an exchange deal between Taiwan’smilitary and Portland’s Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum. According to the Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) website, the […]

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Must Read: report about China fighter development strategies

China’s fighter upgrading  tends to draw either the scorn of overseas commentators (‘they still can’t build engines’) or fear (‘by 2020 the J-20 will dominate the skies over the Himalayas’). A recent report by the Institute for National Strategic Studies – ‘Buy, Build, or Steal: China’s Quest for Advanced Military Aviation Technologies’ – outlines the […]

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RAAF F-111s go six feet under

Old aircraft tend to have ignominious ends.  Numerous F-4 Phantoms, F-102s, and even earlymake F-16s have received the fatal ‘QF’ target drone designation, which generally portends swift destruction by missiles. With the end of the Cold War, the wingsand fuselages of dozens of old B-52s were guillotined by a steal beam droppedby a crane, making […]

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Must Read: The Age of Airpower

On a recent holiday I read The Age ofAirpower by Martin Van Creveld. If reading something so obviously work relatedon holiday marks me as a workaholic then so be it. Perhaps worse, I couldn’tput it down. The book is an A-Z of military campaigns in which airpowerplayed a role. Best of all it discussed a […]

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Heightened insecurity: anecdotes from the pre-9/11 era

In Martin Amis’s 1984 novel ‘Money’ the main character has a nifty trick when running late for a flight. Before leaving home he would call JFK with a bomb threat, specifying his flight number. By the time the bomb squad worked out that the threat was a hoax, he would have arrived and checked in. […]

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Asiana A320 incident: send cards

There has been an outcry in South Korea about the bizarreincident in which two Korean marines fired over 100 rounds at an Asiana A320 theymistook for a North Korean bomber. Oddly they did not shoot at the plane thatover flew them 20 minutes earlier, and the ones before that – flight paths are,if anything, predictable. […]

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An aircraft for the living room

At last week’s Asian Aerospace show the Flight Daily Newsteam was tasked with covering the big news (Air China 747-8I orders, forexample) as well as filling the paper with stories about goings on in the hall. One of the individuals I met was Matteo Bulletti of DeltaInterior Design, an Italian firm that specializes in installing […]

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