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Kai Tak nostalgia

Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport is long gone, but I recently had the chance to land there in a 737-800 flight simulator. The graphics weren’t too hot, but I got a great feel for that hard right turn immediately before landing. Luckily I wasn’t flying a real jet. Though I’ve flown a Cessna 172 and […]

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F-111B – a victim of the air war over Vietnam

The retirement of Australia‘s F-111Cs last week endedthe long story of a successful, and iconic, long range bomber. Many forget,however, that US Navy’s version of the aircraft, the F-111B, was a failure. The F-111B was big like the F-111C, though ithad a stubbier nose to make carrier landings easier. Conceived as pure fighter (thenaval version […]

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Smells like…victory

The recent transfer of five former US Army Bell UH-1 Hueysto the Philippinesmade me think of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 film Apocalypse Now. Vietnambeing off limits, the film was shot entirely in the Philippines. The helicopters in thefamous Ride of the Valkyries attack scene were former Vietnam War choppersflown by Philippine Air Force crews. Several […]

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Air Macau A321

Air Macau to Singapore, finally, but has the carrier woken up?

Photograph: AirSpace user commercial aviation Is it really, as the maxim goes, better late than never?Macau International Airport announced that its only hometown carrier, Air Macau, will operate a twice-weekly passenger service to Singapore in November and December, as we reported on our premium news source ATI. If you think an airline would have wanted […]

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Tianjin the next Toulouse

Beijing’s port city of Tianjin is fast becoming the centre of aerospace in China and even the whole of Asia. It is home to the first Airbus A320 assembly plant outside of Europe. Boeing, meanwhile, has a company in Tianjin called BHA that specialises in the manufacture of composite parts for aircraft. Chinese aerospace firms too are investing […]

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