Flight International India special

The 29 January edition of Flight International has an in-depth feature package on the Indian aerospace and aviation scene ahead of the country’s main air show, Aero India.

Journalists from our Singapore bureau have visited New Delhi and other cities to look at India’s current defence procurement shopping list and assess signs that the government is getting impatient with state champion Hindustan Aeronautics. They also try to explain India’s complicated offset policies – no easy task – and examine the progress of some of its biggest industrial concerns are making in terms of breaking into the aerospace industry.

And with Kingfisher teetering on the brink and Air India losses continuing to mount, we ponder the health of India’s once burgeoning airline sector. With a wave of start-ups emerging in the second half of the 2000s, did the industry expand too much and too quickly? Finally, why India is pouring cash into developing its crumbling airport infrastructure, and the country’s ambitious designs on space.

Elsewhere in the issue, we have an update on the 787 grounding and analyse the proposed joint venture between Brazil’s Embraer and Italy’s AgustaWestland.

Plus: in Straight & Level: Citywings it over a lookalike logo, why Hamad is a big name in the Gulf and Dream one-liners.

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