Flight International’s 2013 forecasts

In the first issue of every year, Flight International has run a forecasts feature, where our journalists and editors look at what is likely to happen in their particular sector or beat in the next 12 months. This time, in our 8 January issue, we’ve taken a slightly different tack, with our writers posing and answering 17 key questions. These are:

  • Will the A350 fly this year?
  • Who will launch an all-new 90-seat turboprop?
  • Can we expect China to flex its military aviation muscles at the Paris air show?
  • What will happen to the price of oil?
  • Will this be the year somebody finally launches a supersonic business jet?
  • Will the A380 and 747-8 acquire any new customers in 2013?
  • Have we seen the end of the Hawker business jet brand?
  • Can we expect a big strategic M&A move from EADS?
  • What kind of accidents can we expect in 2013?
  • With major economies wobbly, will cancellations take a bit out of Airbus and Boeing backlogs?
  • Will Virgin Galactic carry passengers to space in 2013?
  • Is Boeing going to launch the greatly anticipated 777X?
  • Will London Heathrow get the nod for a third runway?
  • Will Congress axe the F-35?
  • Are zero accidents within our grasp?
  • Will US airlines unleash a wave of regional jet orders?
  • Will Airbus Military make deliveries of and receive orders for A400M?

If you are not already a regular Flight International reader, you can find out the answers to these, along with a feature on where Europe goes now with its emissions trading scheme, and David Kaminski-Morrow’s extensive piece on the investigation into the Superjet demonstrator crash in Indonesia, by downloading the tablet edition of the magazine via the Flight International app on your iPad.

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