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Public battering

In the span of only a few days, Boeing and the entire aerospace industry saw what happens when ground-breaking technology and safety fears collide on the modern public stage. Nearly as fast as white, wispy smoke issuing from the underbelly of a Japan Airlines 787 on the ground in Boston, this news was broadcast in […]

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Safety in numbers

This week’s Flight International has our annual analysis of the previous year’s commercial aviation safety record, with David Learmount and our colleagues at Flightglobal’s Ascend consultancy examining the statistics and accident details for signs of long-term trends or important lessons that are not being learned. It makes fascinating reading. On the plus side: 2012 saw […]

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Pain now or pain later

Were there any doubts, the timid and short-sighted compromise deal that averted the “fiscal cliff” on 1 January proved that the legislative machinery of Washington DC will remain broken for some time, with potentially disastrous consequences for US aerospace.The deal achieved some clarity over near-term tax policy, but only delayed a day of reckoning for […]

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How 2012 was a freak year for safety

According to Flightglobal’s Ascend consultancy, 2012 was an anomalous year for world airline safety. It was so good compared with all previous years that it is unlikely to be equalled for some time, let alone beaten, Ascend predicts.That does not mean airline safety performance will inevitably get worse. Indeed, it will probably continue, albeit gradually, […]

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An MAS gets old before its time, the Fred Flintstone aircraft and Gangnam-style gliding

Here’s a chance to read the Straight & Level page from Flight International, 8 January:   Boeing old before its time Malaysia Airlines probably thought it had the perfect publicity opportunity when, to mark its 40th anniversary, it repainted one of its 737-800s in the carrier’s original 1972 livery. However, the Jakarta Post got the […]

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Flight International’s 2013 forecasts

In the first issue of every year, Flight International has run a forecasts feature, where our journalists and editors look at what is likely to happen in their particular sector or beat in the next 12 months. This time, in our 8 January issue, we’ve taken a slightly different tack, with our writers posing and […]

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