787 – electrical storm

Our coverage of the 787 crisis continues with our cover feature this week (Flight International 5 February) entitled Electrical storm. In it, Stephen Trimble examines the history behind Boeing’s decision to opt for revolutionary lithium-ion batteries for the Dreamliner, and where the investigation goes from here. Meanwhile, David Kaminski-Morrow looks at why Airbus is sticking to its philosophy of making the A350 less electrically-dependent than its rival.

Our defence coverage includes stories on the UK’s long term military procurement budget and on why pilots are unhappy with a decision to downgrade the Lockheed Martin F-35′s performance specifications. We have a full report on the what Russian investigators believe caused a Tupolev Tu-204 to fatally overrun at a Moscow airport, and news on how former Cessna boss Jack Pelton is returning to business aviation with a new company which has launched a remanufactured version of the manufacturer’s 421C.

Finally, Dan Thisdell has been to the European Space Agency to find out what commercial projects as well as plans for the exploration of the cosmos the organisation has for 2013 onwards.


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