Approaching disaster

The main coverline in this week’s Flight International (5-11 March) may be on the dramatic side, but it deals with an issue that causes needless deaths and lucky escapes – the misjudged go-around.

David Learmount examines the history of a manoeuvre that is supposed to be the safe route out of an approach that is not going as well as it should, but all to often goes catastrophically wrong.

Kristin Majcher looks at the advance of the iPad into the cockpit. The Apple device is replacing electronic flight bags – which themselves only took the place of traditional flight bags in the past decade – in many airlines. Lightweight, portable and accessible, tablets are fast winning favour with previously sceptical regulators.

In news, we have the latest on the Afghan air force’s Light Air Support contest, lost again by Hawker Beechcraft, and the US Air Force chief’s shock attack on Lockheed Martin and other F-35 contractors. Dan Thisdell asks whether EADS’s 2020 strategy of rebalancing its portfolio away from its reliance on Airbus has fallen victim to the airframer’s success. And we have a report from Australia’s Avalon air show.



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