Week on the web 19 March

After our special report marking 25 years since the first Airbus A320 was handed over to launch customer Air France, the Image of the Day blog ran a shot of that very aircraft, F-GFKA, at Düsseldorf after maiden revenue service, from Paris, on 18 April 1988 (left). The moment was captured by our own Peter Webber, of Flightglobal’s data team. Arie Egozi wrote on his Ariel View blog about the fatal crash of an Israeli Bell AH-1 Cobra “Zefa” attack helicopter on 11 March. “The investigation started minutes after the debris of the Cobra and the bodies of its two pilots were found early on Tuesday [12 March],” he wrote. “The probe will probably find the exact reason for the sudden malfunction that left no time for the two very experienced reserve pilots to send a distress signal. The age of the Cobra, which has been flying in the Israeli air force since the mid-1970s, has to be a consideration.”


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