Week on the web 23 April

If you think British Airways’ new Airbus A380 looks resplendent in this picture, you might have Lady Thatcher to thank, writes David Kaminski-Morrow on the Airline Business blog. The late Iron Lady famously draped her handkerchief over a model of a British Airways Boeing 747-400 bearing the carrier’s controversial new ethnic tail fins at a Conservative Party conference in 1997. “Absolutely terrible,” she declared in front of the TV cameras. The former prime minister’s opinion was thought to be crucial in BA’s decision to abandon the assorted multi-coloured designs and revert to a version of the Union flag it still uses today. On his eponymous blog, David Learmount recalls flying with a sidestick for the first time, 25 years ago, on an Airbus A300, configured as a testbed for the then-new fly-by-wire system on the A320.

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