Week on the web 30 April

Craig Hoyle tagged along with test pilot Peter Gray to AgustaWestland’s UK factory in Yeovil, where Gray became the first civilian to fly the Anglo-Italian firm’s AW159 helicopter. On The DEW Line blog, Hoyle has a picture of the test flight aircraft  – British Army Wildcat ZZ398 – and provides a taster of what you will be able to read in our 21 May issue, as well as in our FG Club on flightglobal.com (you can register for free, if you haven’t already). On Hyperbola, David Todd records the launch of Mars One’s appeal for would-be colonists to settle on the Red Planet (he is noticably reticent on whether he will be applying himself). On Ariel View, Israeli correspondent Arie Egozi notes how his country has its sights trained on Syria in an “unprecedented monitoring effort” to check whether the regime is about to use its possible stockpile of chemical weapons on its own people.

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