Typhoon is bang on target

This week’s cover is one of the most striking we’ve had in Flight International for some time. Jamie Hunter’s pic is an air-to-air close-up of a RAF Eurofighter, taken during carriage trials with the Paveway IV precision-guided bomb. Hunter’s report in the 7 May issue looks at 11 Sqn’s debut Red Flag appearance with the multirole Typhoon.

The issue also has a special report on some of the latest green aviation initiatives. Kerry Reals looks at progress in transforming oilseed and other plant-based products into aviation fuel that is both economical to make and effective.

We examine the growing problem of space junk and what can be done to collect or eliminate it. Our Comment also urges that spacefaring nations give a higher priority to what is turning from an environmental mess into a very real commercial risk to orbiting satellites.

We have a report on Boeing’s plans to return its 787s to service – we list when each airline plans to resume commercial flights – and on France’s upcoming defence priorities, revealed in a new White Paper.

And finally, Zach Rosenberg has an update on Virgin Galactic’s schedule for taking paying passengers into sub-orbit, shortly after its spacecraft SpaceShipTwo completed its first independently-powered missions.


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