Week on the web 21 May

Are single-pilot superjumbos the way of the future? Whether having the co-pilot on the ground rather than in the cockpit is inevitable remains to be seen, but as Learmount discovered this week, what is technically doable may just become commercially feasible. Readers of our eyes on Israel, Ariel View, will be amused to learn that prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu likes to travel in comfort. For the five-hour trip to London for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, the Israeli government paid El Al 500,000 shekels – some $140,000 – to install a cabin with double bed in one of its widebodies. And, our head of web Michael Targett wrapped up his transatlantic voyage with a final run to Le Bourget aboard FLIR’s camera-equipped PC-12NG (pictured); travelogue on The Editor’s Blog.

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