Week on the web 28 May

At The DEW Line, details emerged of the modified F/A-18F Super Hornet equipped with conformal fuel tanks and a weapons pod that Boeing and the US Navy plan to fly later this summer. Rhino, as the aircraft is affectionately known, is intended to test the aerodynamics of those extra shapes (pictured) – especially at transonic speeds, where lots of work has been done to minimise their impact. And, for those who like that sort of thing, the Flight blog features renowned pilot and actor John Travolta fronting the EBACE presentation of a mock-up of Bombardier’s re-engined, super-midsize Challenger 350. Echoing his feelings for Olivia Newton John, Travolta declared: “I want one!” Elsewhere at EBACE, David “Learmount” Learmount chaired a panel session on global warming, summing up: “Emissions policy is just a load of hot air right now.”


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