Week on the web 7 May

Craig Hoyle gives his take on the “anti-drone” protest at RAF Waddington in late April on The Dew Line. “It’s good that the protesters can have their voices heard,” notes Hoyle. “And I’m sure that the peace camp at Waddington will remain for some time – probably until combat operations in Afghanistan end late next year and all the Reapers get stuffed into boxes as they can’t yet be flown in UK airspace. But claims that the UK’s ‘drones’ are participating in ‘extrajudicial assassinations’ and the slaughter of innocent civilians ‘without democratic oversight or accountability to the public’ simply aren’t supported by the facts.” All the latest developments from the world of space can be found on our Hyperbola blog, where, in one of a host of recent entries, David Todd notes how NASA is renting extra seats on Russia’s Soyuz to fly Americans to the International Space Station.


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