Week on the web 11 June

The DEW Line reported that Sqn Ldr Leader Jim Schofield became the first Royal Air Force pilot to complete a vertical landing in a Lockheed Martin F-35B (see picture). The landing took place on 28 May. Flightglobal’s Airline Business team spent the week in Cape Town reporting from the IATA Annual General Meeting, the association’s first AGM to be held in Africa for two decades. Our reporters published three daily magazines, which are available online, covering all the major news from the event, including plans to improve aviation safety standards in Africa. On Ariel View, Arie Egozi pondered the amount of patent applications submitted by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Together with subsidiary Elta Systems, IAI filed 64 applications in 2012, putting it at the top of the list of patent applications among Israeli companies and research institutes. Many of these patents are kept in underground vaults to preserve their secrecy.

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