A350 finally makes the cover of Flight

Deciding what goes on the front cover of Flight International is never an exact science. The Airbus A350 is most important new airliner to fly this year (although Bombardier might argue the point), but, because our cover goes to press on Thursday morning, we’ve missed two chances to put it on the cover. Both its first flight, on 14 June, and its fleeting Paris air show flypast a week later were on Fridays, making creating a timely cover difficult.

Our training special this week (9 July) gave us an opportunity at last to showcase Airbus’s latest widebody. In a package on pilot training, we look at how the airframer is gearing up to train the A350′s first flightcrews, including its own staff. David Learmount also examines changing attitudes to training as the industry starts to give more weight to competence- and evidence-based methods. And we unveil our latest Civil Simulator Census (downloadable for free at flightglobal.com/civilsim2013) with a piece on the ever-more crowded marketplace for full-flight civil simulator manufacturers.


Stories making the news pages this week include the arrival of the A380 at British Airways (our Comment asks whether the superjumbo’s long-term prospects are as good as Airbus paints them), Boeing’s plans for 787-9 production and why the US Air Force is pondering the future of its unmanned fleet.




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