Week on the web 2 July

The DEW Line blog this week takes a photo tour of the military types on show at Le Bourget. Fittingly, Dave Majumdar declares Sukhoi’s mighty Su-35 to have been best-in-show – check the blog for what is probably the best video footage going of its awesome display routine. Charting a busy week in spaceflight, Hyperbola notes a rare event – Soyuz rockets that made two launches in one day, from French Guiana and Kazakhstan. China’s successful Shenzhou 10 mission to the Tiangong-1 mini-space station is also documented; some speculate that its in-orbit manoeuvres are part of a long training regime to prepare for a taikonauts’ Moon landing. And, at Ariel View, our man in Israel Arie Egozi wonders if unmanned systems can prove their worth in civil missions – read about a Brussels-sponsored Heron test flight.

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