Week on the web 9 July

It’s F/A-18 week at the DEW Line, with video of an EA-18G Growler launching from an electro-magnetic catapult, which is replacing the steam cats on Gerald R Ford-class carriers. And, it’s also the Boeing type’s 35th anniversary. Replacements are under study, but don’t be surprised if the USN celebrates a 50th before alternatives are flying. The USAF likes to look over the horizon, though – Col Michael Pietrucha’s paper outlining his vision of a lightweight, semi-autonomous wingman (pictured) is worth a read. At Hyperbola, there’s video of a Russian Proton rocket crashing in a giant fireball seconds after launch. And, we learn PayPal has linked up with moonwalker Buzz Aldrin et al to work out a secure payment system for space travellers – presumably of all species.

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