Straight & Level 30 July

Now we know why it’s the -8

“On a recent visit to Frankfurt I came to understand why the latest 747 has the designation -8,” writes Hans Norman, who took this photo.“It has eight engines! The ­An-225 is now 25% behind. The West is once more number one.”

Only Ju

She might not be clocking up as many hours as her stablemates, but Lufthansa’s Junkers Ju52 (right) nevertheless had reason to celebrate a special tech log milestone on 20 July. “Auntie Ju”, as the Germans call the corrugated metal bird, reached 10,000 flight hours since it was restored for Lufthansa’s 60th anniversary in 1986.
The airline bought the 1936-vintage aircraft in the USA two years earlier. But when technicians dissembled it at the Hamburg overhaul base, they quickly realised there was a lot more work than they had banked on – just as with their current Lockheed L-1649A “Starliner” restoration project in Auburn in the USA.
However, they still managed to return the  Pratt & Whitney-powered trimotor to the sky on time for the jubilee and paint its original D-AQUI registration on the wrinkly skin – for history’s sake. The official registration D-CLDH can be seen, albeit smaller below the stabiliser.


Conspiracy theorists have been wondering what is behind British Airways’ decision to base its initial Airbus A380s for training at sleepy Manston.
Is the world’s favourite airline on a recce to check the suitability of  the ambitiously-named “Kent’s International Airport” for its new hub? Has Sir Richard Rogers been sighted in Ramsgate with a sketch pad and set square? Is this the latest blow for Boris Island?

All fired up
We are again grateful to Ian Goold for his cuttings from aviation’s more obscure organs. This fairly indisputable advice from ICAO Document AN/198: Civil/Military Cooperation in Air Traffic Management:
“…State non-aviation operations in some circumstances require access to national airspace. Often these operations will not be compatible with other concurrent aviation activity… Operations including surface/naval weapons firing… will normally require the use of segregated airspace…”
In other words, best keep your airliner out of the way while all the loud bangs are going off.

It’s a ploy!
You couldn’t turn a newspaper page or go through your inbox last week without having to suffer rather desperate attempts to flog products on the back of the royal birth.
However, we did enjoy a certain Irish low-cost airline’s offer of free infant flights on any bookings made on 23 July.
The inevitable title of the promotion: “Ryan-Heir”.


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