Week on the web 30 July

Our blogs got a facelift this week, and behind the prettier front there is also a more powerful engine, so as the new system beds in you can expect better, brighter and faster, like this Dew Line shot from RIAT. Our man in Tel Aviv, Arie “Ariel View” Egozi, turned his attention to the politics of weapons sales – could it be that the Israeli air force, which is to receive a new batch of V-22s and KC-135s – needs those rather less than Washington wants to sell them? Meanwhile, Israeli defence exports hit a record $7.47 billion last year, putting the country up against the USA to hawk arms to Asia-Pacific and other weapons-hungry regions. As for deadly civil matters, David Learmount wonders just why it is that monitoring (that is, not flying) pilots seem to do so little monitoring? Or, why aren’t flying pilots checking their gauges? Are they not looking, or is it time to overhaul instrument design?

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