Straight & Level 24 September

Keeping the Irish Iolar in the skies

Geoff Jones sends in this picture (below) of one of the last airworthy de Havilland DH84s, taken at the Tannheim fly-in in late August (known, he says, as “Tannkosh”, the European Oshkosh). The Dragon belongs to the Aer Lingus Charitable Foundation and returned to the air in 2011 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Irish flag-carrier.
The aircraft – known as Iolar (Eagle in Irish) – is flown by a small group of Aer Lingus pilots, on this occasion by A320 captain John O’Toole.


“I told you it was a mistake to let Ryanair pick our new fleet”

Sweden sour
The captain of flight LH-809, a Lufthansa Airbus A320 flying from Stockholm to Frankfurt, clearly was not taking any chances when passengers complained of a strong smell
on board.
He diverted the aircraft to Copenhagen and removed all passengers.
The cause of the pong turned out to be a new carpet.

It may have left RAF service more than two decades ago, but there’s still a huge amount of affection for English Electric Lightning. So it’s no surprise that former “Frightning” driver Richard Pike has pulled together another volume of tales from the “WIWOL” (“when I was on Lightnings”) crowd.
Lightning Boys II (£20, published by Grub Street) is an excellent sequel to Pike’s first edition, providing entertaining insight from the cockpit into what it was like to fly the remarkable Mach 2 fighter. Well-illustrated, the book recounts some amusing, intriguing and sometimes alarming stories about this truly great British aircraft.


Ear to eternity
Thanks to Ken Munson for this spot from a certain US aerospace weekly. Its article on a projected French solar-powered aircraft refers several times to its name, Eraole. Unfortunately, the proof-reader missed one, which came out as Earole. Still, could have been a ‘ole lot worse.
Yolking aside
This is eggs-actly why Airbus has sidesticks (see above from NBC website).

Laughing stocks
Under a picture of a GE90, was this insight from the Toronto Star, spotted by Colin Tootill:
“Aerospace stocks, including Boeing, which makes jet engines, have been performing well…”
Anyone told our business correspondent Rex Stocks?


Beer to eternity
Liberal-leaning media may have sought and destroyed exhibitors offering insalubrious under-the-counter items such as leg irons at the recent DSEI in London.
However, according to one warning over the tannoy, a much more dangerous felony was being committed: daring to serve beer on the exhibition floor.


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