Week on the web 29 October

From The DEW Line, we learn that the US Air Force pilots who fly remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) don’t much like them being called “drones”. Fair point, as there is a crew involved, but to expect the public to start calling these RPAs or UAVs or UASs, which the military distinguishes from things that get shot at for target practice, probably falls into the horses and stable doors category. Hyperbola reports that Reaction Engines, the UK firm that believes it knows the way to reusable spaceplanes, has upped its £240 million ($388 million) estimate for the cost of building an engine demonstrator by 50%. And, reports Arie “Ariel View” Egozi, the Israeli airforce has reportedly carried out a strike on a shipment of long-range missiles on the way from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Is the IAF waging a shadow war?

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