Is the 777X a global gamechanger or an airliner optimised for the Gulf?

That’s the question posed by our cover story this week following the launch of Boeing’s new airliner, and a record-breaking day orders for Airbus and Boeing widebodies, at last week’s Dubai air show.

Our 26 November issue has 14 pages of news, analysis and stunning pictures from the show, including articles on how Gulf carriers shaped the 777X, the kickstart for sluggish Airbus A380 sales offered by Emirates at Dubai, and the continuing impasse on the UAE’s eagerly-anticipated fighter deal.

We have a report on a remarkable day one at the air show, which saw an unprecedented joint announcement by Emirates and Qatar Airways, and neighbours Etihad and Emirates competing to be the first to announce orders for the 777X at the show. We look at how Engine Alliance has to fight to keep Emirates’ A380 business, and find out about the UAE’s ambitions to be a player in unmanned air vehicles.

There is news from the rest of the world too, with Boeing claiming it is “insulting” of Airbus to propose a reduced-weight A330 to Chinese airlines as a possible solution to its congested airport infrastructure.

Plus we have part one of our World Airliners special, with a programme-by-programme guide to in-production and in-development narrowbody and widebody types.



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