Reality revolution

In the 19 November issue of Flight International, we put the focus firmly on cockpit technology with features on avionics and miltary simulator training. Anyone who plays computer games knows how realistic the imagery is in the latest products. That digital revolution is making simulator training more like real life too, with the latest generation products from the manufacturers offering many times the computational performance of their predecessors.  We look too at helicopter training. Cutbacks in budgets have made air forces and other operators much more inclined to use simulators for this very specialised training – advances in technology have made it easier too.

In our avionics package, Stephen Trimble finds out how Honeywell’s latest synthetic vision system is lowering the altitude at which pilots have to commit to landing an aircraft, something that could drastically improve safety. And he discovers about the moves towards and challenges that remain in implementing the FAA’s NextGen air traffic management system.

In news: David Learmount joins Airbus and EasyJet for the test of its ash-cloud detection technology and the high-stakes game of bluff between Boeing and its biggest union over whether the 777X will be built in Seattle.


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