Week on the Web 12 November

The DEW Line asks us to spare a little sympathy for the hapless Dutch F-16 pilot who struggled with a 4 November exercise – putting a few 20mm cannon rounds into the range control tower, some 500m from the real target. These things, alas, do happen; fortunately with only minor damage and no injuries in this case. Meanwhile, Ariel View reports that the Israeli air force is upgrading its F-16 C/Ds to the Barak II version for improved air-to-air capability and reduced maintenance. The A/B versions are being phased out, but not so fast, given Lockheed Martin F-35 delays. And Hyperbola flags up an interesting bit of commerce in America’s backyard, as Nicaragua has signed a $254 million construction-to-orbit contract with China’s China Great Wall Industry Corp for Nicasat-1, a telecommunications satellite, for a Long March launch in Q3 2016.

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