Week on the web 5 November

The DEW Line notes that the UK Ministry of Defence has been cagey when talking about unmanned systems, which the public knows as drones – and often associates with Bad Things. So it’s no huge surprise to find that while the MoD has said ground tests of Taranis (pictured) began in 2010 and flight trials took place in 2013, neither it nor maker BAE Systems will confirm whether the stealthy wedge has flown. Less careful with words but no less cagey is Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary, who is being called on by the Ryanair Pilot Group to honour his public statement that he would talk to the organisation if it represented more than half the pilots working for Ryanair. The RPG thinks that halfway point has been crossed but, apparently, O’Leary is questioning the RPG’s existence. Make sense of that? Safety editor David Learmount went to Brussels to try.

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